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openlyawesome: كل طيزي - am i saying "eat my ass" or "my whole ass"? كل كل طيزي - am i saying "eat my whole ass", "eat, eat my ass", or "my whole entire ass"? Arabic is a beautiful language.



I’m still not over this tbh.



This guy climbed Mount Everest just so he could hold up the Qur’an to show that it’s higher than everything else in the world.

He is Farouq AlZouman, and yes we are proud.


has your heart ever been filled with so much longing for madinah and makkah and the time of rasulullah (saw) and his companions that your eyes flow with tears and you would give anything, absolutely anything, to experience just one day in the presence of the greatest people to have ever walked this earth?


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the growth that gave the name to the green line dividing west and east beirut, 1982, overtaking the then-uninhabitable area.



images from lebanon shot twice, an incredible book by zaven kouyoumdjian recreating famous photographs and scenes from the lebanese civil war by tracking down the anonymous faces in the pictures 20 years later. see more pictures here and the book here.

The wretched Boosta

West Beirut. Lebanon. 1982.

Tanks of the Israeli Army breaking through into the west part of the city.

A quiet mosque in Palestine, 1926. Photograph by Jules Gervais Courtellemont, National Geographic Creative.